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Wondering what to look for in professional removal company? Here you will find some useful information about what a trusted company should look like and who not to trust when moving a house.

How to find a trusted Man & Van company?

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Friend/ family recommendation - it’s a reliable source as your friends and relatives will always give you an accurate and truthful opinion of the company they’ve used.
Local newspapers and phone books - you will be able to find removal companies within your local area which is always convenient.
Corporate websites - these will give you specific information about what the company offers which will give you a better idea of the service you will be provided with.
Reviews - there isn’t a better way of finding out what the company is really like. By looking through reviews you can gain other people’s options based on their previous experiences. OUR REVIEWS
Most of the above sources often require the company to provide information such address, contact details and payment options.

What to be cautious of?

Companies that do not provide any address details as well as have limited contact details e.g. provide only mobile number
Companies that offer surprisingly cheap services compared to their competitors.
Whether they are a registered company that has a valid licence to provide the appropriate services
Whether the company offers insurance for the goods that are being transported.
The checklist below will help you to decide on the right removal company. You should look for a removal services that cover the following points:

Make sure that the company has good references, often to the website you can see customer reviews.
We recommend to find a company that is close to your move, you have a guarantee they will be on time and mostly local companies have cheaper deal.
It is better to order a service directly on company web page, then you can see what, and how much you pay and what services you request, is also often offered a discount if you order on-line. You will also receive email confirmation with all details of your move, that will be your contract.
You can contact them directly to discuss anything
You are given a clear price breakdown of what you will need to pay and what is covered within the price and it fits within your budget
You are provided with information regarding insurance of your goods that are being moved
They are happy to adjust to your personal needs.



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