Sunday, September 4, 2016


  •  Make prior arrangements and plans to make an efficient moving. Call and book the packers and movers at least 2 months prior to the actual moving date. Call and make sure that they are available at the exact time and date that you prefer.
  • Make sure that you are well packed and all the stuffs and items are all in the correct boxes. Start all the packing and boxing item, a little earlier than the intended date, because you do not want any un predictable event ruining you routine packing.
  • Make sure that you are always in touch and up to date with the company that is providing the moving facility. In this way you can solve any issues or situations that may arise from the company.
  • When you are transporting a lot of items and goods, insist the company on making a visit to all your possession and items in your apartment.
  • Communicate with the company regularly and make an arrangement according to their plan. If they want to load furniture and big items such as shelf and television first, then pack these items first and keep them near the door or entrance so that they can load them into their van without any difficulties, thus saving time and energy.
  • Know the company and understand the method of payment. Some companies accept payment according to a standard time interval, so make sure that you are all packed up and ready to go so that you do not waste much time for it, or else you will be just paying them for just waiting around.

  • Arrange all the items uniformly in the boxes and make sure that you do not over fill them and make them heavy and bulky. When you make them bulky there is a very high chance of them to break and crack while transportation. Pack all the books in numerous small boxes instead of a single bulky one, or else you will be just making it bulky and difficult to carry around.


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